Feel it in your bones? Why balance exercises matter

Feel it in your bones? Why balance exercises matter

For as long as I can remember I've been told you need to focus on balance exercises. "They are good for your bones" I have the words of my pilates instructor engrained in me. But how does this all work?

As we age our bones get weaker...
Over time the fluid that sits between our bones lessens and in some of our spinal vertebrae we loose a bit of mineral content. Whilst this may not be such new information given how we see those in elderly age with more injuries and bone fractures from accidentals falls there is an opportunity by spending time investing in weight bearing exercises to help with bone strength!

There are so many ways to focus on our bones. Weight bearing balance, resistance exercises such was walking, jogging and even climbing the stairs can help keep our bones strong! All of these contribute to muscle strengthening which supports our bones! 

But back to balance...

Balance exercises not only help us build stability (something that also declines as we age) but also they improve muscle coordination so that our bones are well supported. Exercises as simple as standing on one leg, raising your arms up, walking on your tip toes or walking with a sudden change of direction all test your balance and help build strong muscles and bones. 

So next time you'd debating the elevator or the stairs - try the stairs and perhaps a few heel raises before you get going to really strengthen those bones!

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